About Us

In the fall of 2013, three experienced attorneys came together to form Hangartner Rydberg and Terrell. With more than 75 years of combined experience they brought with them not only lessons learned in the court room and the board room but lessons learned from the clients they served. Using these lessons, the attorneys of HR&T are determined to provide their clients with an agile and effective team of dedicated professionals who have respect from the bench and bar alike.

Today, many firms have become so big, client service is lost in the shuffle.  HR&T is small enough to be agile in response to a client’s needs while providing clients with effective, experienced counsel. HR&T is focused primarily on  client needs and our clients know that our best strategy is developed by working together and  putting the client’s interest first.


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Focused on Obtaining the Best Possible Outcomes for Our Clients

We do not elevate personal ambitions or ego. We do not constrain ourselves within mahogany walls. We promote a respectful and collective environment wherein professional growth and client service is a daily goal.

Our lawyers handle all types of litigation, big and small, across the nation. We pride ourselves in taking hard cases and representing our clients with integrity.

We welcome people of all races, genders, ages, languages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, disabilities, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs to assist our clients in achieving their legal goals.

Above all else, HR&T is a community of passionate attorneys with the shared goal of helping others.

Professional Affiliations

Our legal team at HR&T is proud to be a part of the following associations: