Product Liability

HR&T attorneys have extensive experience representing medical device manufacturers and over the counter pharmaceutical manufacturers (e.g., respirator design, silicone breast implants, latex gloves, surgical tools, and catheters).

With intensive preparation, creative presentation and effective persuasion, we work to meet your legal and business objectives in both the courtroom and at the bargaining table.  HR&T’s success stems from our legal team’s ability to develop a personal knowledge and appreciation of your organization’s business and culture as well as your product design, testing and quality control procedures. We develop a deep understanding of the technical and scientific principles applicable to your products.

Collectively, HR&T attorneys have defended thousands of wrongful death, catastrophic personal injury and other product liability claims. Relevant representations include:

  • Represented Fortune 100 company in defense of claims relating to range of products, including consumer goods.
  • Represented manufacturers of industrial products such as elevator motors

Attorneys with Product Liability Expertise Include:


Erin C. Hangartner

Managing Partner


Alan Weinberger